Comfortable furniture is the topmost priority for every employee across the board in stressful and competitive workplace environments. First Floor Office Systems is committed to providing dedicated professionals the perfect Manager Desk Collection so that people never have to worry about their productivity being compromised.

Premium Sets

Grid fits the needs of the ideal manager with its top-quality laminate, stylish leg design and sturdy built.

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An experimental linear design, Scala is just the right pick for modern office interiors of multiple styles.

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Glistening stainless steel legs and a chamfered top makes this an exquisite design. Wilmer combines functionality with a highly modernized design to fit multiple requirements but never compromising of style and elegance.
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Standard Sets

A timeless design developed with the best craftsmanship on the market.

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Top-quality laminate and stainless steel legs packed into a minimal design for all kinds of interiors.

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Arc & Matrix
This is a seamless design featuring handless cabinets, multiple leg optionsand a built in Power Box. A timeless top design.

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