What Is Laminate?

Think Layers!
Laminate is basically a solid, long-lasting, flooring material manufactured by using a combination of wood-derived materials. It is wear and scratch resistant and stain proof. Besides being practical to use, laminate is economical, easy to clean and maintain as no lacquer or polish is ever needed!

Tarkett is a worldwide, mega flooring brand established in 1886. It has presence in over 75 countries and production centres in 14 European countries. Manufactured in Germany, Tarkett uses the best quality raw materials to produce its laminate. It has a reputation of being a style leader when it comes to laminate finishes and decors through inventions like stone scrapped, hand scrapped, textured and patina finish laminated wood floors. With German precision from Tarkett you can be sure of getting the highest quality!

CLASSEN is a Leading producer, supplier and full range service provider for Laminate floorings. CLASSEN develops and produces high quality floorings exclusively in Germany and is one of the leading providers of laminate floorings in the world.

Each year, the Group produces over 80 million square meters of high-quality laminate floorings – exclusively at its Baruth factory near Berlin. The product is 100% Made in Germany, with distribution in more than 50 countries, CLASSEN is considered to be a global leader when it comes to Laminate.

Keeping in mind the customers who are on a budget, First Floor now offers a Special grade, Made to order selection of Laminate flooring from C.S Floors China.

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