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Tarkett static dissipative and static conductive flooring offers a flexible, high-performance solution to keep sensitive environments such as operating theatres, computer rooms and electronics safe. Available in homogeneous vinyl the only Static Dissipative /Static Conductive flooring with iQ Surface treatment. Adapted for high traffic environments, they are highly resistant and easy to maintain.

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Electrostatic discharges not only cause discomfort, but may also damage
sensitive technical equipment and ignite flammable gases. Static conductive
flooring is often recommended in operating theatres to ensure the safety of
sensitive surgeries such as neonatology, cardiology or neurology.

Dissipative or conductive flooring solutions evacuate electrostatic discharge:

  • EN/IEC 61340-4-1 defines the electrical resistance: measurement of the capacity of the flooring material to conduct electrical charges to a ground point. The higher the resistance, the lower the conductivity
  • Q Toro SC is a conductive flooring, iQ Granit SD is a dissipative flooring. Both benefit from the unique and patented conductive iQ PUR, and a carbon backing

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