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Hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality venues use a lot of vinyl. Hotel design, in particular, is heavy on vinyl, and for good reason. The aesthetics of vinyl flooring are great, as vinyl flooring features fresh looks and is easy to maintain. Similarly, vinyl is used in hotel wallcovering, fabrics, shades, signage, and graphics. Including and beyond vinyl in design, here are four vinyl applications that we usually donʼt see but that play a key role in maximizing both your comfort and your safety in hotels and other hospitality

HOSPITALITY Building Requirements

The practical applications of colour, pattern, texture and light reflection are particularly important to creating interiors that have a positive influence on people. They help reduce stress and can better identify, unify or separate spaces.

To create a suitable visual environment with Tarkett, you can:

  • Create an adapted interior design, with a large choice of materials and designs, using appropriate colours and contrast
  • Improve the appearance of cleanliness using certain patterns and finishes
  • Use logos and signage on floor with Floorcraft service to ease orientation
  • Create a seamless finish thanks to multi-colour welding rods

Hospitality buildings contain most of the heavy traffic areas. Therefore, it is
important to select durable material that will resist heavy traffic and rolling loads, and doesnʼt require heavy maintenance procedures or replacements that block an area, a real headache in occupied buildings. In heavy traffic areas, select flooring with high welding resistance whose seams stay intact during several years.

To minimize daily attacks and stresses, especially to abrasion, scratches and stains, and to facilitate maintenance procedures, Tarkett proposes:

  • iQ: Unique restoration properties for homogeneous vinyl; only with
    dry-buffing. No strip, polish nor wax ever needed. Offering high resistance to chemicals, disinfectant and heavy loads. The highest welding resistance
  • TopClean XPTM: Reinforced PU coating for heterogeneous vinyl to improve scratch, abrasion and stain resistance. Neither wax nor polish required

Sustainable building design is key to durable constructions that have minimal
environmental impact, without compromising on quality of life. All building
materials, including flooring, must meet specific norms to earn certification from one of the existing eco-building systems around the world (LEED (US), BREEAM (UK), HQE (France), etc.).

Tarkett is a leader in environmentally responsible manufacturing and
sustainable product development with our 4 key pillars:

  • Use better materials: natural, renewable and recycled resources, Cradle to  Cradle certification for linoleum
  • Use fewer resources: limit water, energy consumption and waste generation
  • Create people-friendly spaces: lowest VOC emissions and phthalate-free
  • Recycle program contributes to environmental protection

In the continuing effort to cut maintenance costs, hospitality businesses are
faced with a delicate balancing act that involves close scrutiny of all spending.
A review of maintenance costs is one area that can offer enormous potential
savings. In particular, the choice of the right flooring and wall protection offers significant savings in terms of energy, water and maintenance chemical
consumption, as well as labour costs.

Tarkett strives to minimize your maintenance costs and make daily cleaning

  • Keep to a minimum the levels of dirt and moisture that are carried into the building with 3-step entrance mats
  • Choose low-maintenance products that require neither stripping, wax nor polish, and covings that make cleaning easier in sensitive areas
  • Go for an iQ chemical-free restoration solution in heavy traffic areas such as corridors
  • Space out painting renovation using protection that resists scratches, shock and is easily washed and cleaned

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