Rumba / Salsa


Although Tarkett has made natural wood floors very easy to live with but still, wood is a living material that needs to be taken care of. It is always recommended to follow the post installation care and maintenance procedure. For further info about cleaning materials, please contact us.

The Rumba range consists of traditional species such as Oak, Beech and Merbau. Protected by world renowned Proteco Lacquer and reinforced with the Ultra Lock glueless installation system, this range can be resanded upto 3-4 times which gives it an expected lifespan of at least 20-25 years. Thanks to Tarkett’s engineered construction, no warping or cracking of wood is guaranteed!


The Salsa range is Tarkett’s premium range. With a thickness of 14mm, this range can be resanded upto 4-5 times, giving it an expected lifespan of atleast 25-30 years. This range also contains some heat treated species which is again an industry first by Tarkett .

The Salsa range is protected by world renowned Proteco Lacquer and made with special 3 layered engineered construction. No warping or cracking is guaranteed!

It is also reinforced with the “Ultra Lock” glueless installation system.


• Premium grade hardwood manufactured in Sweden
• Re-sandable upto 5 times
• 5 Layers of patented Proteco Lacquer
• Backed by Tarkett's 100 years’ experience in wood flooring
• Patented 3-Layer construction to avoid warping and cracking
• Glue-less installation, floor can be dismantled and reinstalled !
• Heat burnt species also available

Products Construction

• Tarkett’s hard wearing Proteco surface
• Top surface of real wood
• Strong and supporting middle layer with transverse wood fibres of pine and spruce
• Stabilizing bottom layer
• Ultralock locking system

Proteco Lacquer is one of the strongest varnishes in the world. Tarkett regularly carries out tests to check the durability of Proteco Lacquer, and time after time it has proven to be extremely resistant to wear and tear and micro scratches. Proteco Lacquer gives you a strong wooden floor that retains its feel of real wood.

Wherever you go, your floor goes with you! With the Tarkett Ultralock installation system, natural wood floors are installed without the use of a single drop of glue. Result: The floor can be taken off without damage and installed in any other area as many times as you want. Also, the installation process becomes very quick; a complete room can be installed in a single day.
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