Premium Range and Plus Range

Primo Premium and Tarkett Somplan Plus

Primo premium is a very high quality homogenous PVC flooring suitable for most types of premises such as hospitals, pharmas and other public buildings. Primo Premium is also PUR Reinforced and will need no wax or polish for life. It is a very good choice due to its high quality properties and competitive price and is the closest option to the outstanding range of Tarkett IQ floorings such as Optima.

Premium Range Features

No Wax or Polish: Primo Premium is PUR Reinforced meaning that no wax or polish is ever required on the floor. The same PUR reinforced surface comes up with use.

Lowest Filler Content: With a weight of 3150 gm/sqm, Primo Premium is also 100% flexible and does not crack on bending and can easily be coved along walls.

Headwelding of Joints: This quality is inherent to all Tarkett PVC floors. The seamless finish makes the floor hygienic and very easy to clean and maintain, resulting in a very low life cycle cost.

Plus Range Features

Robust to moisture. The specially developed swell-barrier coreboard makes your floor resistant to ingress of moisture. Heatwelded Finish: Heatwelded finish to make it seamless and low weight makes Somplan Plus an ideal option where there is a budget constraint.

Tarkett Somplan Plus comes with a ‘factory done’ PUR coating to seal the micro pores in the surface, ensuring no surface treatment is needed initially. However, after 3-5 years (depending on traffic) some areas may need to be polished to ensure good cleaning properties and aesthetic appeal.

Somplan Plus is a high quality, homogenous PVC floor covering with a very cost effective price tag. It is suitable for most types of hygienic environments such as pharmas, health facilities and schools.

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