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Tarkett Optima is the best selling homogenous PVC floor in the world and one of Tarkett’s greatest successes ever. Launched in 1984, to date more than 70 million square metres of Optima have been installed in commercial applications worldwide.

Tarkett Optima is the top of the line homogenous PVC flooring and offers excellent results in every aspect of commercial hygienic flooring. Its well proven quality, long service life and low maintenance needs ensure problem free application for several years. The classic neutral look, large colour collection and the incorporation of latest revolutions like IQ surface and PUR reinforcement make Optima a real winner when it comes to hygienic flooring for hospitals, pharmas and schools.

Pharmas-Hospitals-Schools Offices-Libraries


Intelligent Quality”. A unique and patented surface restoration feature. Even after years of usage, Optima flooring can simply be dry buffed to restore the floor to an almost new look.

No Wax or Polish: Optima is PUR Reinforced, meaning that no wax and polish is ever required on the floor. The same PUR reinforced surface comes up with use.

Lowest Filler Content: Optima has the lowest filler ratio and highest PVC content amongst its competitors. With the lowest weight amongst them at 2820 gm/sqm, Optima is 100% flexible and it does not crack even on excessive bending and can easily be coved along walls.

Headwelding of Joints: This quality is inherent to all Tarkett PVC floors. The seamless finish makes the floor hygienic and very easy to clean and maintain, resulting in a very low life cycle cost.

What pays in the long term?

*Complete Cost of a product over a period of ten years which includes initial cost, installation and maintenance of the product over this period.

A complete analysis of the total life cycle costs for different vinyl floorings shows that a low priced floor covering, which requires regular treatment with polish proves to be the most expensive choice over time. When buying materials, the life cycle cost* of the material should always be kept in mind. Upto 70% of the life cycle cost* of a product consists of the cleaning and maintenance of the floor.

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