Antistatic Range

IQ Granit SD

Tarkett Granit SD is actually more than a simple antistatic floor covering. It is a very high quality static control flooring with an electrical resistance of 106 – 102 , developed specifically for use in operations theatres, laboratories and electronic industry.

Until the launch of Granit SD, antistatic floor coverings required heavy maintenance costs due to the extensive cleaning required to maintain the antistatic properties of the floor.

However, Tarkett has solved that problem as well. Granit SD is the only antistatic PVC in the world which comes with the unique IQ- Surface Restoration and PUR reinforcement properties. 


“Intelligent Quality”. A unique and patented surface restoration feature. Even after years of usage, Granit SD can simply be dry buffed to restore the floor to an almost new look.

No Wax or Polish: Granit SD is PUR Reinforced meaning that no wax or polish is ever required on the floor. The same PUR reinforced surface comes up with use.

Granit SD comes with an inbuilt carbon backing thus reducing the need for copper strips and conductive glue down to 20%. Another option in the ESD range is Tarkett Toro SC which has an even better electrical resistance of 104 to 106 for extremely sensitive areas.

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