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First Floor
Until the mid nineties, the local flooring market was confined to conventional ideas. First Floor set it free a decade ago. It opened the doors to imagination, excellence and innovation. First Floor offered an amazing selection of world-class flooring ideas for interiors especially designed and seasoned to suit local requirements.
At First Floor, our philosophy is simple - to provide the finest, exclusive and world-class flooring solutions to our discerning clientele!

First Floor Designer Concrete
After pioneering the way for creative flooring in Pakistan, First Floor is introducing another industry first – an Avant-Garde designer product for outdoors and wall claddings. First Floor Designer Concrete is a unique concept in exterior floorings offering fresh and innovative concrete options which complement a variety of exteriors.

First Floor Designer Concrete is a refreshing break from the dull and monotonous options for exterior flooring like ordinary pavers which fade with the passage of time and are available in limited colours. While other tiles deteriorate with age, these are the only tiles whose natural sheen actually improves over the years. This is because First Floor Designer Concrete products use a very rich concrete mix and high quality white cement for the top layer instead of ordinary grey cement. Made from high quality imported UV stabilised colour pigments resulting in vibrant non fading colours, First Floor Designer Concrete tiles are available in an unbeatable combination of quality and stunning looks. It is a designer’s dream as the products can be combined in over a hundred combinations using different colours and laying patterns.

First Floor Designer Concrete tiles, pavers and wall tiles can be used in a wide variety of purposes. They are ideal for porticos, driveways, parking spaces, footpaths, sit-outs, walkways, offices, wall facades and many other applications.

Our philosophy is straight – we want to be the market leaders in designer concrete flooring in Pakistan.

First Floor Designer Concrete - It’s all about outdoors!

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