Until the mid nineties, the local flooring market was confined to conventional ideas. First Floor set it free a decade ago by opening the doors to imagination, excellence and innovation. Recognized as the “PIONEERS” in introducing world class flooring products in Pakistan, it offers the finest selection of flooring solutions for interiors especially designed and seasoned to suit local requirements.

First Floor is proud to be the sole representative of the global flooring brand Tarkett in Pakistan. It has been known as a trendsetter in innovative flooring solutions as it took the risk of introducing completely unheard products in Pakistan. Now, these products have become a norm in interior floorings.

We believe in no compromise on quality as the brand “First Floor” is associated with high quality products. Our philosophy is simple – to provide the finest, exclusive and world class flooring solutions to our discerning clientele at affordable prices!

With offices in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. First Floor is a truly national company with price focused , quality and customer service.

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